Privacy Basics: Passwords, Tracking, and Data Retention | Passwords

Passwords Agenda

Made by Stacy Martin, Senior Data Privacy Manager at Mozilla.

Protect your data and identity online by developing strategies to make strong passwords, learning about security and privacy.

3 hours

  • Introduction

    What makes a password strong or weak? How can we create strong passwords and avoid creating weak ones? This kit will teach you the basics of strong password creation, password testing, avoiding password reuse, and using two factor authentication to double the layers of protection around your personal information online.


  • Assessment and Review

    Participants will assess the strength of the passwords they create by using password meters.

    Review Questions

    • Why do passwords matter? What are the tradeoffs between easy to remember and hard to guess? Can anyone give an example of a bad password? Why is it so risky to use one password for everything?
    • What makes a password strong or weak?
    • How can you create strong passwords? What are good password habits?
    • What are the advantages of two-factor authentication?
    • What did you learn about people's password habits from the survey activity?
    • What did you learn today that you can teach others?