Privacy Basics: Passwords, Tracking, and Data Retention | Privacy

If it's personal offline, it's personal online

Made by Stacy Martin, Senior Data Privacy Manager at Mozilla.

Consider this series of videos highlighting the importance of safeguarding your personal, private information, learning about privacy.

30 minutes

  • Introduction

    What's the difference between guadring information offline and guarding information online? Watch one or more of these videos that show how people react when asked in person for the same type of information that is regularly requested online.

  • 10

    If your shop assistant was an app

    Watch "If your shop assistant was an app" from the Danish Consumer Council (subtitled in English). It uses hidden camera footage in a bakery to show how consumers react if physical shops asked for the same permissions as apps.

    After you watch, answer these questions for yourself.

    • What happened in the shop that caused people to feel like their privacy had been violated?
    • Why do you think people react differently when it is an app that's asking rather than a live person?
    • Should people react differently when a person - instead of an app - asks for private information? Why or why not?
    • Will you do anything differently after watching this video?
  • 10

    Privacy on the street

    Check out this "person on the street" video (#PrivacyProject) from Silent Circle. In the video, people provide their thoughts about online privacy and then read aloud the permissions they unknowingly grant to an app because of its the terms and conditions.

    After you finish the video, answer these questions for yourself or discuss them in your group.

    • Name several of the permissions the app requested. If you watched the video with a group, write these on a board for review.
    • Why don't people always read the terms and conditions of every app they use?
    • What are some of the possible consequences of agreeing to terms and conditions you don't understand or never read?
  • 10

    Safeguarding your private information from strangers

    Watch just a few of these brief privacy videos from Mozilla. In these videos, Jack Vale is on his cell phone reporting observations about the people around him as he asks strangers questions meant to get their personal information.

    After you watch, answer these questions for yourself or talk them over with your group.

    • What questions did Jack ask strangers?
    • How do apps and websites ask for the same information online?
    • Why do people feel their privacy is violated when a stranger asks them in person, but not when the information is gathered online? Should they feel differently?