Web Literacy Basics II | 4. Welcome to My Mixtape

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2 hours

By using Web-native music production tools, you will learn how to code, contribute, compose, remix, use open practice, share and synthesize.

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Write and Participate on the Web

21st Century Skills

Communication Creativity

Web Literacy Skills

Code Compose Contribute Remix Open Practice Share Synthesize

Learning Objectives

  • Compose music using Web-native tools.
  • Remix and customize a webpage with embedded audio media.
  • Participate in a music-sharing Web community.
  • Choose a license for creative works.
  • Reflect on opportunities for creative expression in community on the Web.


  • 13+
  • Beginner web users


  • Internet-connected student computers
  • An Internet-connected instructor computer with a projector
  • Markers
  • Paper